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Proudly Presenting T-Rex – Tavisha Robotics exo-suits

T-Rex is a full passive robotic exo skeleton that can help the human to enhance their working ability without any additional effort. T-Rex provides additional support for the bones and muscles of the person who wears it. This leads them to put their 100 percent effort in the work to attain the maximum productivity. T-Rex is a wearable tool that gives solution to the employees from putting excessive effort to attain productivity.

In this modern industries Goal of T-Rex is to contribute the workers who made the impossible, Possible for us. T-Rex is considered to be the most preferred tool to put the worker in the lead by neglecting the replacement of humans by autonomous robots.

As from the bare background of mechanical engineering & automation, we the dreamers of TAVISHA understand the pain, problems faced by a third level worker from any industry. That is the reason behind T-Rex. To support all level workers who depending only on their physical effort to achieve their goal. To give them a helping hand in all way. T-Rex is a full passive mechanical affordable exo suit which can be a perfect working companion for all kind of industrial labours.

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According to the social media survey a normal industrial worker is lifting is hand over his head 4,600 times a day or about 1 million times per year, increasing the possibility of fatigue.

For some workers, who take care of installations under vehicles, they have to keep their arms raised for most of the day, while they work standing under the raised vehicle, Whether it's to push in a fastener or snap a fuel line into place, a worker on the line will raise and lower their arms thousands of times in a single 10-hour shift. and it can take a serious toll. This leads to,

  • 1.havs
  • 2.lag of productivity (Cant put 100%)
  • 3.lag of mobility
  • 4.inefficiency
  • 5.complicated handling
  • 6.stress
  • 7.nervous problem
  • 8.hearing problem

That’s where the T-Rex comes in. The spring-loaded device is adjusted to each worker and helps with the strain, effectively making their arms weigh nothing when they’re raised horizontally or over their head for many times or for a long time.

T-Rex not only helping the ankles by holding or giving additional support to the arms. T-rex can hold heavy weighted power tools on its own. T-Rex can balance itself without anyone’s support. By this T-Rex can observe the total vibration produced by the machine on its own. With its build in mechanism T-Rex will observe all the vibration from the machine and transfer it to the ground without affecting the worker who wears it.

From its design T-Rex is a Full Modular. It can be customized by the worker based on the ergonomics of the user and the application. So this single exo skeleton can act as a different kind for different application. Key specs are,

  • 1.An exo suit that can capable of handling heavy weights
  • 2.give an extra pair of hands to the workers as job companion
  • 3.T increase productivity
  • 4.Full Passive
  • 5.Self balanced
  • 6.Less Maintenance
  • 7.Easy handling
  • 8.Full moduler
  • 9.Customizable