About Us

As a Fast growing advanced robotic solutions, TAVISHA ROBOTICS always shows their contribution towards the automation lines, in-out house process solutions for different fields based on human centring technologies.

In this modern industries Goal of T-Rex is to contribute the workers who made the impossible, Possible for us. T-Rex is considered to be the most preferred tool to put the worker in the lead by neglecting the replacement of humans by autonomous robots.

As from the bare background of mechanical engineering & automation, we the dreamers of TAVISHA understand the pain, problems faced by a third level worker from any industry. That is the reason behind T-Rex. To support all level workers who depending only on their physical effort to achieve their goal. To give them a helping hand in all way. T-Rex is a full passive mechanical affordable exo suit which can be a perfect working companion for all kind of industrial labours.

To provide a blissful environment in workplace

our mission is to make our exoskeleton a great companion to our customers